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Non-relative import paths in NodeJS with Typescript

The struggle Typescript is not fixing

11 March, 2019

TLDR The Problem - in short Typescript - tsc - does not support transforming absolute module paths into relative paths for modules outside…

How to completely remove a file from your git history?

Without leaving any trace

01 November, 2018

Ever pushed some private stuff in a public repo and you want it to be removed? I just did.. Change the course of -git- history I came across…

We're back on track with the JAMstack

Using Netlify and Gatsby

22 October, 2018

We are back And with a new dev stack, called the JAMstack. I’ve been using a similar approach using Contentful for a client, Vogelvrij…

Making dreams come true

Working as a remote developer

03 May, 2016

What I did “What you don’t do determines what you can do.” - Tim Ferris I’ve studied psychology, not informatics. I have a Master in…

Transform your ES6 express.js node application to ES5

Tutorial on how to create an express app with ES6, by using babel-register

19 April, 2016

Setup an express app Start by creating a simple node application with express open the command line and go to the folder where you want to…

The future of front-end development frameworks

React.js, the library that naturally forces you to use web components

15 April, 2016

Notice the subtle difference in the title vs. the subtitle? Every couple of years, a new framework is hot in front-end development land…

Travis CI: Speed up development!

Guideline using Travis CI, with Heroku, Istanbul and Codecov

13 April, 2016

Losing time with deploying your ‘small’ projects manually? In 30 minutes you setup an automatic deploy process with this tutorial. Step by…


Alcohol stop

18 January, 2016

Nineteen days without alcohol, with 3 exceptions. “Hard habits die slow”, they say… Well funny thing is that I’m proud on the fact that I’m…


Yet just another blogging framework?

18 January, 2016

How do ideas start? Out of inspiration, out of frustration? Where do ideas start? In this case…under the shower. What will I do during my…

Good vs bad news

18 January, 2016

Day 8 My 8th day at Les Deux Alpes. The mountains. Second day that I’m completely on my own..without my girlfriend - sorry - wife! I still…

Start blogging @ Tumblr

Integrate into your own website

06 January, 2016

Choose the right platform Blogging is one thing, but how can I integrate with my existing website? Next to the basic functionality of a good…

On my way to create a blog

Choose the right platform

06 January, 2016

A quick investigation using the almighty Google search engine told me that Tumblr could be it. Unfortunately, integrating with my own…

Introduction to pencilblue

Getting started

06 January, 2016

Getting things up and running Setting up Pencilblue as your CMS system is a peace of cake for a developer. Go to their Github page Read the…